Fatality Rates

Fatality Rates 2018-2019

  • 147 Deaths work related deaths
  • 30% in Construction – Lowest number on record
  • 40% Falls from Height
  • 30% Moving plant/struck by moving object
  • 7% Electrocution – 3% of these buried services
  • 4 people killed in collapsed trenches

Occupational Health

  • 12,000 deaths per year related to dust exposure
  • 20,000 new diagnosis of lung disease each year related to workplace dust
  • 45,000 diagnosed each year with HAVS
  • 20,000 diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss

We have been working in the safety sector now for a number of years, as advisors, consultants and SHEQ managers. Our experience varies from construction, grounds maintenance, office and warehouse sectors. All companies require H&S no matter what their industry is.

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